white chalk
crushed, 100g
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Duncan Bottrill
Instagram :
Duncan Bottrill
"Finger strength or power - the choice is yours..."
1990, from UK
Warum kletterst du?
I love the freedom and the community. Getting out into beautiful places and the mental aspect behind solving problems. I also love competition and am a very completive person!
Wie sieht dein Training aus?
To much... haha, if I’m not working, eating or sleeping I’m probably down the wall!
Welchen Tip würdest du Anfängern mit auf den Weg geben?
Enjoy it, don’t worry about training and just climb as much as possible and get involved with the community.

Arco rock masters, climbing in Arco and Munich world champs, 1 year living in Chamonix and pretty much climbing outdoors the whole summer (dream)

Erzähl uns mehr über die Routen, die du schraubst.
Route setting is something I thoroughly enjoy though I only get to do I occasionally due to my full time job. I find it is a was for me to express my creativity on the climbing wall and hopefully give the climbers a mental and physical challenge at the same time.