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Dasha Kan
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Dasha Kan
“climb hard and always have fun”
1998 , Russia (Tyumen) , klettert seit 2010
Warum kletterst du?
Through climbing I like to test and push myself further. Climbing is something more than a sport for me - it’s an important part of a lifestyle. The feeling when you’re on the wall and focused only on your climbing compared to nothing else, all other things don’t bother you anymore - that’s why I like to climb.
Wie sieht dein Training aus?
I climb 3-4 times a week. Other days are for cardio,weights,campus and yoga.
Welchen Tip würdest du Anfängern mit auf den Weg geben?
Don’t give up if you don’t succeed at the begging. Patience,time and trying hard will make you stronger sooner or later.
Erzähl uns mehr über die Routen, die du schraubst.
Winning my last youth European and world titles in speed and taking a year off from comp circuit which brought me opportunities to climb more on rocks and discover new places.